Replacing Your Home's Roof & Siding At The Same Time

Replacing your roof is no small undertaking, both in terms of cost and schedule. Not only do you have to budget for a new roof, but you also have to take time off work or make other arrangements while the roofing crew works on your home.

You can expect the same situation when it comes to getting siding installation done on your home. 

At dK Exteriors, we're equipped to handle any of your exterior needs, from gutter installation and window replacement to siding and roofing. Many customers wonder whether it's best to replace their siding and roof at the same time or schedule the projects separately.

Here are some of the advantages of completing both roofing and siding work at the same time. We'll also list some of the drawbacks, so you can plan both jobs to fit your requirements.


Save Money When You Replace Both your Siding and Your Roof

One of the primary considerations for any home improvement project is cost. Re-roofing and re-siding projects can certainly be major investments. When they can occur together as part of a single project, there can be cost savings to be had.

For instance, when coordinating two major projects, it's possible to share costs of support, sanitation, and other services. Additionally, some roofing and siding materials may be compatible with one another. This is often the case with metal roofing and siding, which can be installed using many of the same tools and techniques.

It's not only the material costs you should think about when budgeting for home repairs- don't forget to factor in lost money or time if you choose to stay home during multiple projects. Many people want to be present during large projects taking place in their homes, so try to schedule everything at once if possible. This way, you can minimize the amount of time (and potential income) lost.

Should Your Roof Be Repaired or Replaced?

At dK Exteriors, we only want the best for you and your home. We believe that top-of-the-line products require unparalleled workmanship to properly install them. No matter what the weather is like outside, we'll make sure you and your home stay dry inside.

Roofs are complex structures that must be maintained and repaired at intervals. Roof inspections and repairs should not be taken lightly, as they have the potential to save money in the long run by revealing hidden problems before they cause more damage. We've spent time visiting the top-rated shingle manufacturers to ensure we understand what goes into the products we use and trust.

Whether it is for a repair, replacement, or a new build, call us today for a free estimate and let us add long lasting value and protection to your home!

Roofing Material We Work With and Endorse

There are many choices when it comes to roofing materials and manufacturers. Here's a quick introduction:

The first material type is composition shingles, the most popular type of roofing in the market today. They're made of a fiberglass base that's coated with asphalt and then ceramic granules are embedded into the surface. These types of shingles come in a variety of colors and styles to complement any home exterior and produce an elegant and traditional look.

We work with the Total Protection, Owens Corning, and Certainteed ranges of composition shingles.

We also work with Taylor Metal Products and their full line of metal roofing options. These types of roofs are becoming more popular because they're very durable and have a long lifespan. They're also low maintenance and environmentally friendly. Metal roofs can be installed to look both modern and tradition, giving you a lot of flexibility in terms of design.

The Design Process for a Combination Siding and Roofing Project

When we work on a siding and roofing job at the same time, we take care to ensure that the new materials will complement each other. We also work with you to choose colors and styles that fit with your home's overall aesthetic.

We'll start by evaluating your current roof and siding situation. Once we have a clear understanding of what needs to be replaced and what can stay, we'll work with you to choose new materials.

There are many different types of roofing and siding materials available on the market, so it's important to select products that will work well together. For example, if you're interested in metal roofing, we'll make sure to recommend a compatible siding product.

We understand that most homeowners don't have an extensive knowledge of roofing and siding materials. That's why we offer free consultations to discuss all of your options. We want you to be happy with your new roof and siding, so we'll take the time to answer any questions you may have.